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  1. Cat Proof

    mangled wire
    What in the world happened here!?

    "My Dog Ate My Homework, Miss, I Swear!"

    If you have pets, it's generally a choice you've made. Kinda like getting married or having kids, or both . . . or neither, but you get my point.

    We love our pets. Dogs, cats, weasles, skunks, chickens, skinks …

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  2. Fan-Tastic!

    Yaesu FP-1030A power supply.
    The Yaesu FP-1030A is a great power supply. 5-stars!

    This is Not Rocket Science

    I never said everything I post here is going to knock your socks off. This little blurb certainly will not do that.

    However, when I find something that is pretty easy to do and makes my …

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  3. An Antenna Saga

    Four antennas and 3 guy lines.
    Four antennas and 3 guy lines. Yes!

    Two Antennas Are Simply Not Enough

    Ham radio is a hobby. It can be much more than that, but it goes well with a large dish of experimentation and learning. That's the biggest appeal to me.

    I knew when I made the leap …

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  4. Still Got It

    Here is where our pulley is.
    Image: The yoke holding the pulley is there.

    Let one thing be perfectly clear: I am an old man.

    I am past both the social and legal definition of retirement age. I still work full-time, and will continue to do so as long as they want me and I want …

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  5. The Return of Ham

    Dr. Gerg on a tower.
    Image: This is what I call fun.

    Many years ago in a far-away land . . .

    . . . there lived a not-quite-so-young man who was about to realize a life-long dream: he was about to get his ham radio license.

    It was the mid-90's in the Great Republic of Texas and my wife and …

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  6. The Tiniest Thing

    I've printed a bunch of parts on the Prusa printer. But today (yesterday, actually) I printed the smallest functional part I've ever done. Roughly 7x7x5mm. Tiny thing.

    The tiny thing is part of PoohPi.

    PoohPi sits at my wife's desk and greets her every morning with statistics that will inform …

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  7. OpenSCAD Pi Zero Model

    When I build things using the Prusa 3D printer, I like to also create a model of the part I'm making brackets or enclosures for. That way I can see how the whole thing is going to fit together without making bad assumptions about how any particular part is going …

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  8. PiNet - the pool

    Pool Pump and Lighting Control

    When my wife's in-ground pool was completed, it quickly became apparent the controls for the pump and lights were designed in a tech vacuum.

    Image: The original controller parts.

    The control head (receiver, and manual buttons) was attached to the power panel through a knockout on top. It looked like …

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