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  1. Zen Garden

    It has been said 21st Century man is bound up in pursuing an abundance of things. What is needed to counteract this obsession is an abundance of spirit, a chance for self-reflection and a connection with one's inner self. 1

    Image: A Zen Garden made of 40 caliber shell casings.
    Image: An Impromptu Zen Garden

    How do you make time …

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  2. Ode to Time and Nature

    Image: Jagged desert mesa.

    Time's a cruel-hearted bastard.
    Nature's a cold-hearted bitch.
    Both will surely wear me down,
    and scoff at my last twitch.

    From the day that I was born,
    Until the day I die,
    They push and prod and poke and pinch,
    and dare me to defy.

    Their hand is cold. So …

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