There are two things that drive me to do this site, blog, or whatever you want to call it.

Thing 1 - I grew up in a "do it yourself, or do without" world. It is my normal mode of thinking.

Thing 2 - I earned a Ph.D. in Adult Education some years ago. The field interested me because I love helping people do things they never thought they could do.

So this is about Projects, Philosophical Musings, Python, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Nuts and Bolts, Automotive Repairs and any other way I believe something I know or something I did might be useful to other people.

It is not enough to simply possess.

To own, to use, to display alone is a hollow, empty experience for the likes of me. I have to know a thing. How does it work? What makes it tick?

I know most people are not like that. That's OK. That allows me to make a living. I know, they pay. I make, they buy.

I do not care if a thing is exclusive, expensive, or extraordinary. I want to know, "Does it work?" And frankly, if it works, and it wasn't expensive, that's bonus.

From heads and hearts to gears and servos, from servers to pings, from sockets to socket wrenches,

I separate, eviscerate, investigate, interrogate, agglomerate, domesticate, operate and inculcate

here in this little corner of what is.

You can come along if you wish.

Notes on Navigating the Site

Click the wrench at the bottom of an article to jump back to the front page.

This site uses Pelican, a Python program which generates the html from .md (markdown) source files.

The theme is currently the default "notmyidea" theme.

In the Menu at the top you have links to pages and articles. "About" and "Building Pelican" are page links. "Category" presents a list of articles based on the 'category' assigned when I wrote them.

If you click on one of the Category links, you get the most recent article at the top, followed by summaries of all previous articles in that category.

Same for the Author and all the various Tags.

I like Pelican way better than I ever liked Wordpress.

I currently notify a few people by email when a new post is added here. If you would like to be notified, let me know. I am 'dr.gerg', and that will get you what you want.

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