SHA256 File Hashes for Files I Provide on Github

I want to do what I can to help insure people are not abused online by something I've done, so I'm going to publish here SHA256 cryptographic hashes for my releases and some source files.

Because this site is hosted on servers completely divorced from Github, the odds of this site and my Github account both being hacked is pretty slim. Of course, if I were to suddenly become the target of some skilled hacker somewhere, I guess anything is possible. I can't imagine that happening, but who's to say?

I generate the hash value here (at my desk at home). Then I post that string of numbers and letters along with the files I place for you on Github.

I post those hash values here and on Github. You can visually inspect them, but that is NOT all you should do.

After downloading the file, before running it, generate your own hash value. It is very easy to do.




Compare your generated hash to the one posted here:

v2.1.0 Windows Installer: MMC4WSetup.exe - C88CDD4235511AC5E4A0A7CD98D926D8A9F29FC82FC4D11BC5A6633C5B7817CA

v2.1.0 Python source: mmc4w.py - 8C4DBC8B28B1BD5ACC765DBD5687F1D3D49B44397807305B093515370369FB42

v2.0.9 Windows Installer: MMC4WSetup.exe - 6DD72B57554E40E63EC75A0B2D880EF00486793397C68DC81EC9437F1BE10FDA

v2.0.9 Python source: mmc4w.py - 67449B6368EE59F0D37E2B9B4F84BC0BA2EC7F8570371AB0219E92679B18BC67

v2.0.8 Windows Installer:
MMC4WSetup.exe - D692F9396A0FB2173C36C7CDD00D061B3FE53E22868DF872B28D791ABF86210F

v2.0.8 Python source:
mmc4w.py - 5733718F495248C397A4D258EB0013B7BE694D64284F0E2E5027F68E430B7371

v2.0.7 Windows Installer:
MMC4WSetup.exe - EB0FE3432AD9EB5D32052CF5A1AA5A7844A0B2E4670307AF1EA3D5CA9928AC9D

v2.0.7 Python source:
mmc4w.py - AB824F223C2B8A36694FCB7307CE28259EF35B465DC106C69488E661ACBA1270

These hashes should match what you see on Github, and they should match what you generated on your computer.

If they do not match, something is wrong.

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