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  1. Finite


    When I was a child the world was infinite, spreading out in all directions without end. From the sugar sand beaches of the northern Gulf Coast through the hushed waters of the Okefenokee, out to the sprawling deserts of Nevada, up to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness separating Montana from Idaho, my …

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  2. Zen Garden

    It has been said 21st Century man is bound up in pursuing an abundance of things. What is needed to counteract this obsession is an abundance of spirit, a chance for self-reflection and a connection with one's inner self. 1

    Image: A Zen Garden made of 40 caliber shell casings.
    Image: An Impromptu Zen Garden

    How do you make time …

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  3. The Second Constant

    "Change is the only constant in life." - Heraclitus

    In 500 B.C. that may well have been true. Even 100 years ago, that may still have seemed true.

    However, the expanding mass of humanity has engendered new perspectives, and from those perspectives we draw new conclusions.

    Careful examination of the …

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  4. Feedback Loop

    A long time ago, a guy named Skinner proposed that how we behave is a consequence of environmental histories.

    Image: A person getting a lot of feedback.

    We are either the giver or the receiver in interactions with our world. We stimulate, they react. They stimulate, we react. Both sides provide feedback to the other. This goes on …

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  5. Time

    Image: A child that has falled asleep in the back seat.

    I don't think we will EVER get there. I've been sitting in this back seat for most of my life. Every time I ask the people in the front seat how much longer, they say stuff like, "About two minutes less than the last time you asked."

    The day is …

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  6. Laugh With Me

    Life is serious. You might die.

    Uh. Yeah? I guess so.

    Image: Two people laughing together.

    My dear mother gave me one gift that has been more valuable to me than anything I know or can imagine. She taught me to laugh at myself.

    It's easy to laugh at other people or at situations that …

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  7. The Necessity of Failure

    If you haven't noticed, in spite of what some folks would like to believe, we are not all the same.

    Image: A steel bar breaks under extreme force.

    We are not all the same height. We are not all the same build. We have different smiles, different hair, different tastes.

    We do not all make the same first …

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