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  1. Ode to Time and Nature

    Image: Jagged desert mesa.

    Time's a cruel-hearted bastard.
    Nature's a cold-hearted bitch.
    Both will surely wear me down,
    and scoff at my last twitch.

    From the day that I was born,
    Until the day I die,
    They push and prod and poke and pinch,
    and dare me to defy.

    Their hand is cold. So …

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  2. Time

    Image: A child that has falled asleep in the back seat.

    I don't think we will EVER get there. I've been sitting in this back seat for most of my life. Every time I ask the people in the front seat how much longer, they say stuff like, "About two minutes less than the last time you asked."

    The day is …

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  3. Fire

    I watch a new piece of wood on my fire.

    It slowly warms up to its surroundings,
    when ready,
    bursts into flame,
    adding its energy to the
    cumulative heat of the community.

    Brightly it burns,
    eager to express,
    to produce,
    to participate.
    It gives all that it is
    in …

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