Backyard Music

Bands on the Blackwater.
Bands on the Blackwater is a weekly series in my backyard. Not literally, but almost.

You might think that life in a small town in Northwest Florida would be boring. You might be right if you measure excitement by the number of drive-by shootings and bar brawls on an average weekend.

If, on the other hand, all you need for a good time is a good brew and some tunes, then Milton (the county seat town of Santa Rosa County, Florida) might have all you need.

Friday evening I loaded the folding chair into a saddlebag on the Bonneville, and headed down to the river. A band from Mississippi was playing at Bands on the Blackwater (that's the river, the Blackwater River). The name of the band is Grits and Greens, which put me off a bit at first. I was expecting Bluegrass, but a quick check of the web told me they were rockers. Yes. Yes they are.

I shot a few seconds of video with the trusty cellphone. Do us both a favor: DON'T PLAY THIS ON A CELLPHONE. Use something with speakers that give you bass, otherwise it will be a huge disappointment.

Grits and Greens - a very brief taste.

Click the pic and let it run to the very end.

Grits and Greens surprises me.

Bands on the Blackwater has been running now for several years. This is the first time I've gone. I will be going back.

Grits and Greens was a pleasant surprise. Maybe there are more.

Good brew (Beardless Brewhaus), several quality food trucks, and good tunes. What more can you ask?

Definitely a thing that works.

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