Introducing Stackernoes

A top-down view of a Stackernoes game.
This is Stackernoes. We play with a double-nine set, but I don't think it matters.

This is Stackernoes

First thing let me say this: I did a reasonable search of the Internet for a similar game, and I didn't find one. So until proven otherwise, I'm under the impression I created this. At the very least I know the Stackernoes Development Team (my wife and granddaughter) and I made up these rules.

Stackernoes requires no extra parts or special sets. We play with a double-nine set (55 tiles), but I don't think it matters what set you use. The more dominos in the set, the more options there are, so you may wish to consider that.

Stackernoes is a great way of learning to add. If you have someone who needs practice adding, then helping them keep score is good practice.

Currently the Stackernoes Rules are at what I'd call v0.2.1, so they are still in sort of a beta status. I think we've worked out most of the kinks, but with more play and some quality feedback, we can tighten things up a bit as we go.

Here's a pic to help you get a feel for what the terms in the rules are referring to. Click the pic to make it bigger.

Click to get a larger pic.

You can get a PDF copy of the rules here, no strings attached.

We had fun making this up, and we continue to have fun playing it.

I hope you find Stackernoes to be a thing that works!

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