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  1. Best-Tech Shopping List

    Image: Shopping List Printer.

    We've been around the block with shopping lists. From a piece of paper with handwritten notes to desktop PC created lists printed on 8.5x11" paper to apps like Out of Milk on the phone, we've done it all.

    And we've been less than happy with all those. Now that …

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  2. PiNet - the pool

    Pool Pump and Lighting Control

    When my wife's in-ground pool was completed, it quickly became apparent the controls for the pump and lights were designed in a tech vacuum.

    Image: The original controller parts.

    The control head (receiver, and manual buttons) was attached to the power panel through a knockout on top. It looked like …

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  3. Python - now you're talkin'

    I'm always learning. Always.

    I've always been curious about coding, even before I knew it was called that. When I became aware of the first personal computers that weren't just game consoles, I wanted to be able to make it do what I wanted. But I didn't know how to …

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