Want to Save the Planet?

Stop having babies.

There. I said it. Somebody needs to say it.

Come on, people, this isn't rocket science. It's just simple math.

You want to know what the human population of the planet was in 1950? Go look it up. Compare that to the current human population. If you don't see a problem in those numbers, then you are the problem.

The earth seems like a huge place, but it really isn't as big as it feels. You can see the horizon curve because the planet you're standing on is kinda small. ish.

The thing is, we're all living in the same fishbowl. We're all peeing in the same pool. Our air is a finite resource, and we're all filling it with gases we can't breathe.

If we humans keep adding more children, more school buses, more cars, more power generation plants, more houses, more walmarts, more airplanes and more rockets putting more satellites into orbit, things are never going to get better.

Of course humans have done a lot of good over the centuries. For humans. But for every other species of life, not so much good. It doesn't take very many brain cells to look around and see how the rest of the world of living things has fared due to our continued efforts to "subdue the earth".

As the number one predator on the planet, we have had it pretty good. And we've taken full advantage of our advantage. But as with every other thing you've ever known, there comes a time when you have to pay up. We're seeing that time. It's now.

If you really want to save the earth for future generations, don't give birth to them. And don't worry, there will always be plenty of humans around.

Unless we keep on doing what we've been doing, in which case, maybe not.

That's my two-cents worth.

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