Searching for Daddy

Image: Young hand grasping old hand.

Everybody wants a daddy.
Everybody wants to call,
A hero when the lightning flashes,
To hold us when we're small.

Everybody wants a daddy.
Protector. There in time of need.
Arms like trees, a loose, quick smile,
Arrow-straight in word and deed.

Where can I find him? Where do they go?
How do they disappear?
How shall I keep on? Who shall I hold?
As decade follows year?

Everybody wants a daddy.
When no one seems inclined,
We make our own of what's at hand,
In person, or in mind.

Everybody wants a daddy.
To stand before the fray,
To keep us safe and comfortable,
And hold the bad at bay.

Daddy's pass like all things.
Our lives become our own.
To stand before the maelstrom,
And stand we must, alone.

Everybody wants a daddy.
We wish, we dream, we yearn,
Demand at times, and turn our eye,
From what he'd have us learn.

That life is fraught with peril.
That each must face their own.
So give your shoulder. Own the load.
Your daddy's job is done.

(c) Copyright 2021, Greg Sanders

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