Saving the Planet, One Toad at a Time

We have a nice fiberglass in-ground pool in our backyard. Like everything we own, it comes with some responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is keeping the water clear of all the critters that find themselves suddenly fighting for their lives in the water.

There is a device on the pool called the 'skimmer'. The skimmer is a large port on the deep end of the pool. The opening is designed so it is half in and half out of the water. All of the water in the pool is pulled into that opening by the pump. First thing it flows through is the skimmer basket which catches anything larger than a small ant.

Image: The skimmer before the pool was installed.

Image: The skimmer as it looks today.

We find a lot of millipedes, worms, insects of various types, and frogs. Lots of frogs and their cousins, the toads. Frogs are water creatures, so they have some advantage of the toads. Toads are built for dry land, so when they accidentally hop into the water, it's not a good time for them. Dead toads make us unhappy.

Something else that makes us unhappy was when the overflow tube got clogged with debris, and the skimmer stops skimming. See, when the water level rises to the top of the skimmer opening, the skimming action stops, because the stuff on the surface isn't being drawn down into the skimmer basket. So it accumulates on the surface of the pool. LOTS of leaves, dead bugs, acorns, you name it. All there, floating on the surface of the water, reducing your enthusiasm for the idea of floating around in there with all that flotsam.

So, flotsam, clogs and frogs. All reasons something needed to be done.

I invented the FrogSaver. It holds a screen which covers the overflow tube opening, preventing debris from entering the smaller pipe and clogging it. It also has a platform with a couple of tiny braces that a frog can grab onto and use to pull themselves up to the platform. At least, that was the design theory.

Image: The 3D printed frog saver.

I'm proud to announce that it does, in fact, work!

Image: A toad's life is spared.

I love it when a plan comes together. I love it when something works as intended. I love it when I can help other forms of life live.

The FrogSaver Pool Skimmer Overflow Filter and Platform. Another Thing That Works!

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