Image: A long straight road.

This is my highway.
It stretches true and straight
as far as the eye can see
from mountain to mountain,
without hint of ambiguity
or duplicitous intent.

This is my road.
It waits, neither friend nor foe,
impassionate, trustworthy, honest.
And when upon it I step with the load I carry,
it bears me faithfully, and walks with me
for as long as I need.

This is my path.
Holding mystery and death in one hand,
salving peace in the other,
transparent and open,
it offers neither as the right choice,
I taste each as I wish.

The sun hides.
I lay my self down.
Close my eyes.
The road does not sleep.
It simply remains
until I return again.

(c) Copyright 2010, Greg Sanders


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