I Am

I am.
What more is there to say?
I wake to find the dawning,
Another Earth-bound day.
Another quest which lay,
Before my feeble feet.
Another hour of effort,
Exchanged for bread and meat.

I am.
Alone it should suffice.
To breathe, to laugh, to struggle,
Between the fire and ice.
A beat, a breath, a trice,
Beneath the dome of night.
Above the gaping portent,
Unseen, though in the light.

I am.
For purpose, or for chance.
The path which lay behind me,
Cares not the circumstance.
This step, this thought, this glance,
Consume the sum of time,
The counting of existence,
The pulse of life and rhyme.

I. Am.

(c) Copyright 2014, Greg Sanders

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