Eight Billion Worlds

Image: A large crowd of people.

Your world is not my world,
Is not his world, is not her world.
Our world is a mixed world,
Made of their world plus yours.

Eight Billion Worlds.
There are eight billion worlds,
Each one the same, with nothing in common,
Each knowing the other but not the same,
A shared horizon, a familiar sky,
Oceans apart, but touching
Eight billion worlds.

Eight billion people,
with eight billion minds.
Eight billion hopes and dreams,
Eight billion kinds.

Eight billion perceptions,
Eight billion thoughts,
Eight billion perfections,
Eight billion faults.

They say we live in one world,
One place we all belong.
But when it comes to us and them,
There are eight billion wrongs.

When you insist that all around,
Agree with you to get along,
You create your enemy.
You make them eight billion strong.

(c) Copyright 2022, Greg Sanders

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