DrGerg Transitions from Wordpress to Pelican

I was in love with WordPress

I truly was. It is an awesome system that gave me the power to generate a nice looking site in a short amount of time.

So why leave it behind?

  • fit
  • need
  • patience

those are the three reasons that come to mind.


I love Python. It's just the best language for me. Pelican is written in Python, and uses Flask and Jinja, two tools I'm familiar with. Wordpress is written in PHP, which is fine I suppose, but it's not Python.


Blogging for me is a record. The term 'blog' is a amalgamation of web and log, and that really describes how I see it. I don't need all the social stuff that the Wordpress ecosystem constantly tries to sell me.


This reason is related to the last one. I just got tired of being bombarded with requests to upgrade to Pro whatever. Every plugin and theme wants me to subscribe, which means a TON of money that keeps going out if I were to do what they ask. I get none of that with Pelican.

So there it is in a nutshell. And here we are using Pelican.

It is, as you can see, a Thing That Works!

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