Dog in the Trash

Some people think that dogs are dumb,
but that's a mistake as a rule of thumb.
They sucker you in in their hang-dog way;
when you're asleep they commence to play.

It's late at night and the puppy's bored,
she's looking around for a brand new toy.
Sneaks into the kitchen and my, oh my!
A brand new trash can catches her eye.

If you listen close you can surely hear,
in that little doggy brain there's a little doggy gear,
Furiously spinning just to find a way
to get into the garbage so she can play.

It's tall and white, everything's all right,
put your foot down and the lid pops upright;
An absolute marvel of technology.
The dog doesn't like it but sure makes me . . . happy.

(c) Copyright 2001, Greg Sanders

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