Casspop is Now DrGerg

Melding My Diverse Personalities Into a Singularity

drgerg on github

Multiple personalities can be fun until they turn into a mess. Then it's fun again when you find out you can clean up the mess quickly and easily. Such is the case here.

I chose 'casspop' as a username on Github a long time ago. Before starting up the Dr.Gerg thing. I wasn't sure I was going to stay with Dr.Gerg, but time has passed, and it's kinda grown on me.

It occurred to me today that I might be able to change my Github username to match my newer thing. Sure enough, nobody else was using it so I grabbed it.

And now, what once was twain is one. Like a star disappearing into Cygnus X-1, casspop has been swallowed up by drgerg and is seen no more.

This is progress, and as I see it, is a Thing That Works!

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